Delivering quality installations at speed.

We have been at it for 15 years – delivering quality kitchens, wardrobes and custom joinery to iconic residential and hospitality developments in Southern Africa.

It's our value package that makes us different:

1.  Consistent quality, backed by guarantees
2.  Production capacity, backed by the largest factories worldwide
3.  Consistent quality, wherever and whatever the installation size
4.  All the right sustainability and emission certification
5.  Proven track record and experience in construction and management

It's got to be done fast!

Today developers demand fast-track solutions to maximise returns.

We deliver on a number of fast build construction methodologies: stackable structural units, modular bathrooms and semi-modular components which slot into a turn-key build solution.

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Quality is at the core of what we do

5 year guarantee
We back all our products with a 5 year production guarantee.
Immense production capacities
Backed by a production of over 3500 kitchens a day and ...cupboards a day!
USP 3 about warranties and guarantees
Our work knows, no borders
USP 4 about where we have worked. Our work knows, no borders

Building for a greener future

Over the years, we have learnt a lot about sustainability and how to tread as lightly as possible on the earth.

All our products align with our beliefs.

Forest certification guarantees that wood products that consumers purchase are not coming from questionable sources nor from overexploitation, but come from managed semi-natural forests.
gs quality
This certificate is awarded by LGA N¸rnberg (furniture testing institute). The LGA belongs to the T‹V Rheinland Group and is Europeís largest and most important furniture testing institute.
The DGM (German quality control association) initiated the îClimate Agreement for the Furniture Industry
The highest emissions class of A by the Deutschen G¸tegemeinschaft Mˆbel e.V. (German quality control association).

Successful projects delivered in

"quote from someone important, saying something nice about inside projects"
quote from someone important, saying something nice about inside projects
quote from someone important, saying something nice about inside projects